Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic


The Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic is the fastest diagnostics on the market, as well as the most comprehensive coverage in car brands and models. It is suitable for car repair shops as well as electricians. It offers 3 year free upgrades so you are always up to date at no extra cost.

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Easy to use, Fast, Unlimited functions

Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic
Foxwell i70 Pro
Foxwell i70 Pro

What can the Foxwell i70 Pro do?


Compatible with the latest models, including cars, SUVs, minivans, light trucks.


Fast activation and multitasking of the latest technology


Access to the transmission, chassis and body system


Automatic VIN reading when connected to the vehicle for smart and fast diagnosis


Auto Scan mode where it scans the vehicle systems in seconds


Reads and clears fault codes and restores MILs quickly and easily.


Displays live data in text, graphics and meter formats


Merges interactive sensor charts for easy and fast diagnosis


In the live data view it informs the user about the limits and the correct values of the sensors as it warns in case they are out of limits.


Records and plays your data logs and instant feedback


Performs bidirectional component / system tests


Key coding for many vehicles


Wireless printing lets you print diagnostic results and receive instant feedback


Supports most frequently required service features such as brake off, service resets and transmission adjustments


Multilingual menus and code definitions for an international market


One-click software upgrade via WIFI makes the diagnostic keep the latest system upgrade at all times


Supports customization and encoding of the control unit


The unique debugging feature allows for faster and more accurate fixes for application problems and errors.


Built-in integrated & immediate support available from our technical team, via Anydesk & TeamViewer.

Activations, Adjustments and coding

Reading fault codes from your vehicle is easy. But without live data, two-way controls, and other special features, you may not have enough information to solve the problem.

With the Foxwell i70 Pro, controlling electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays and actuators becomes a simple task, saving time and labor costs

Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic

Provided that a brain can be recoded, the Foxwell i70 Pro allows the brain to be coded and programmed just like the expensive genuine dealership diagnostics.

Finds problems more accurately 

View live vehicle data in text and graph. Merges interactive sensor charts for easy and fast diagnosis. Logs and plays data logs to detect various failures.

Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic
Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic

The Foxwell i70Pro creates files of the correct sensor data and allows you to compare them with faulty sensor readings, providing you with unparalleled ease and accurate diagnosis.

The Foxwell i70Pro is able to record live sensor data for long periods of time as well as playback files to facilitate the solution of complex problems


The i70Pro is easy to use

Navigation via Menu

The operation process and vehicle information are so user friendly that navigating to find what you need to repair your vehicle is fast and requires no training.

Automatic VIN Reading

The Foxwell i70 Pro offers a variety of VIN recognition methods, eliminating the need to navigate complex identification procedures. It saves you time and increases your productivity.

Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic

Automatic Scan of Vehicle Systems 

Auto Scan automatically detects the electronic systems installed in the car and provides an overview of the vehicle’s condition instantly, including fault codes, in seconds.


Automatic updates.

With continuous internet access your diagnostic will always stay up to date with the latest software upgrade, just a click away.

Foxwell i70 Pro Diagnostic

Wireless connection

The built-in powerful Bluetooth wireless module provides easy and fast connection to vehicles anywhere in the workshop. Allows you to work on the vehicle even when it is on the lift, also get rid of the cables that cause chaos.

Built-in workshop management program

Diagnostic history saves time and increases your productivity. The Foxwell i70 Pro maintains diagnostic and vehicle information records as well as DTCs from previous diagnoses and customer information, providing excellent support for managing day-to-day operations.

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